Why SJ „Szarża”?

“Szarża” exists and thrives thanks to its people: horse riding enthusiasts, volunteers, animal lovers, people who enjoy active leisure and those who simply want to meet new friends and relax from the hustle bustle of the city.

The membership in the association means: the possibility to volunteer in the stable, the right to discounts for our riding vouchers and riding camps, the possibility to take part in equestrian events (Saint Hubert’s “fox hunt”, Saint George’s Day “dragon hunt”, riding competitions) as well as having real influence on “Szarża’s” development.

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You want to ride but your budget is tight?

“Szarża” will make it possible! Only with us, in exchange for helping out in the stables and with the horses (wachta), you can have access to free lessons on any riding level. Our volunteer grooms also get other bonuses, such as discounts for our summer riding camps and the possibility to take part in high-profile classes with renowned, professional trainers.

Do you want to truly get to know these beautiful animals and learn how to take care of them? Our system of stable duties includes an introductory course on equine behaviours, basic veterinary care and stable management principles – all of this free of charge.

You are totally new to this? Don’t worry. Our experienced grooms will be there for you, offering support and advice. Age doesn’t matter: what we’re looking for is your passion and dedication to the “cause”. Join our groom team and get much more than just free rides.

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Riding with family?

With us it is possible. During the year as well as in the summer, parents can spend their free time together with their children, sharing their common passion. In Popówek (the location of “Szarża’s” riding facility) children can have a riding lesson in the junior group while their parents enjoy their own lesson (individually or in a group).

In the summer, we organise a horse riding camp in Łyna near Nidzica (the summer base of SJ „Szarża”), addressed to families with young children, in the spirit of promoting quality time spent by parents with their children.

We know first-hand how important it is to strengthen the relationship between parents and children, especially in today’s busy society. We invite you to experience this wonderful adventure called “FAMILY HORSE RIDING!”

Summer, beautiful lakes and horses

Join us in Łyna! The unique atmosphere of our holiday base was best described by one of our former camp participants: “It is there that I learned how to take care of horses, how to groom, saddle and bridle them. The place also offers the stunning landscapes of the Masurian Lake District, with forests and lakes, with mead and bonfires till the break of dawn. There are memorable hacks in the countryside, the smile, when you’re galloping through the field or ducking tree branches in the wood.”

We have organised riding camps in Łyna for 25 years. We hope to see you there… Come once and you will long for it… and will keep on coming back, over and over again!






„Szarża” is not only about horse riding!

We are horse lovers, but we also like spending the time together – and we are happy to welcome new people to the group! There are many occasions we celebrate during the year: the Saint Hubert’s “fox hunt”, 30th of November, the Polish tradition known as “Andrzejki”, the stable Christmas Eve, horse jumping competitions, Children’s Day, bonfires to open and close the holiday season… You can also help us organise those events. We welcome all volunteers with open arms!


Summer Riding Camps – come back to then come back over and over again

The enrollment for the summer riding camps of 2018 has already begun!

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A groom is someone who – in health and in sickness, during the exam session and on New Year’s Eve (even if it’s his aunties’ birthday)! – comes to the stable once in a week at the agreed time to feed the horses, turn them out, muck out the boxes, help the instructors prepare their students (and horses) for a lesson and keeps the stable clean and tidy even more so than his own room.