One of our hallmark, vibrant riding camps addressed to university students
08.07.2018 – 22.07.2018



we have a busy agenda and a lot in store for you!

Addressed to university students

a recreational camp for adults, both those currently enrolled at a university and those who have just stayed young at heart!


because we remain true to Szarża’s tradition of organising summer camps that offer a unique ‘student’ vibe.


We welcome both camp participants and non-riding guests!

Just like every year, our schedule for this summer includes sunbathing and swimming in the lake, cycling trips, bonfires with guitar music till the break of dawn, hacking out at night and at sunrise, swimming with horses, ‘fancy’ cocktails, riding competitions, canoeing, a unique holiday vibe, trick riding, intellectual games and sports activities, stable and kitchen duty, trail riding, horse ball and much more!

‘Our camp has a unique, holiday vibe: sunbathing, enjoying ‘fancy’ cocktails or napping on the porch or… in the riding ring, picking wild strawberries, swimming in the lake in the middle of the night, bigger and smaller trips (cycling or horseback), crazy, fun-loving people, awesome atmosphere.’

Former camp participant


Weronika Wójcik (Werka) – camp leader / tel. 888 360 124
Jakub Grzymała (Kuba)
Andrzej Duszyński (Andrew)
Małgorzata Brzuchalska (Małgo)  – 1st week
Daria Puchalska (Daria) – 2nd week

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