We will teach you to fly!
22.07.2018 – 29.07.2018


22.07.2018 – 29.07.2018

You heard it right: it is the parents that ride on our camp!

This unique offer is addressed to people who want to actively participate in equestrian camps after starting a family. We offer riding lessons in the arena and the surrounding countryside. Our schedule will allow you to practice your riding skills while also being able to time with your kids and enjoy the stunning area, the lakes and beautiful forests.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry – we’ll teach you everything!

What do we offer?

– 3 meals a day

– riding lessons every day

– a possibility to take part in the daily stable activities so that
you can learn how to deal with the horses – we will teach you all
you need to know

– you can spend this time as you wish – the choice is yours!

option 1: parents ride, children have fun, taking part in various
games and activities

option 2: your children rides, you relax

option 3: you ride together and create great memories

This year, we invite families from abroad to the camp, so you will
be able to make new friends and practice foreign languages.

Our instructors speak English and Spanish, so there will be a possibility
to have language exchange activities for those who are interested.

Every day, there is a bonfire with guitar music, where we can talk
and share our emotions of the day. And believe me – you’ll have
a lot to talk about! We cultivate all of Szarża’s equestrian
traditions: you’re bound to learn our special bonfire songbook
by heart…

Where do we sleep?

We sleep in our own tents (if it is very rainy, you can move to a shared room in the cottage). We usually eat outside or in the kitchen, if it rains. We can take a shower in one of the four shower cabins and there are also three washbasins with hot water. There is one regular toilet and two wooden toilet booths overlooking the field. While this is not a five-star-hotel standard, it is comfortable enough for the week! There is also a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, if you don’t want to eat the meals prepared by other camp participants.


What can we do in the area?

– many beautiful lakes with crystal-clear water
– Nature Reserve of the Springs of the Łyna River with an old mill
– great area for family bike trips
– castle in Nidzica (we’ve heard you can run into knights there)
– bonfires, barbecues, a fireplace room in the cottage


Anna Liszewska Ansarov (camp leader) – 506 220 775



Camp participants: PLN 1050 per week (accommodation + horse riding once a day + full board + attractions)

Participant’s plus one: PLN 400 per week (accommodation + full board)

Guest who is neither a participant’s plus one nor a member of SJ Szarża: PLN 460 per week (accommodation + full board)


Child over 7 years of age: PLN 400 per week (accommodation + full board – full portion)

Child under 7 years of age: PLN 160 per week (accommodation + full board. Please note that this includes half of the daily portion; it is possible to buy a full portion, but then the price is the same as for a child over 7 years of age; accommodation of a child under 7 years of age is free)

Non-riding guests: daily rates

Adult: PLN 25
Child under 7 years of age: free
Child aged 7 or above: PLN 15

Discounts for non-riding guests

Members of SJ Szarża (with paid contributions): PLN 10

Volunteer grooms, instructors and participants of riding courses in 2017/2018: PLN 10

Camp participants in 2017: PLN 10

Full board: PLN 45 (breakfast: PLN 10 supper: PLN 10, dinner: PLN 25)

Horse riding for participants’ plus ones: adults and children*

Hack (1.5h): PLN 80 (not available to children)
Lesson in the arena (1h): PLN 60
Lunge (30 min): PLN 50
Walk out – PLN 30 for each 15 min

*provided there is a spare horse