Recreational/training camp

12.08.2018 – 19.08.2018
12.08.2018 – 19.08.2018
The recreational/training horse riding camp is a good choice both for people who have just started their adventure with horse riding (or are hoping to do so this summer) and for more advanced riders (brown or silver badge level)



Beginner riders will find out how to prepare a horse for a lesson, what to focus on while grooming and tacking up a horse and what safety rules to observe. Horse riding training includes lunging or small group lessons focused on the seat, balance and riding technique.

Advanced riders will take part in dressage and horse jumping lessons in small groups (4-5 people). We focus on the correct use of aids and communication with the horse. We also work on the seat, balance and timing. We pay special attention to the correct biomechanics of the horse’s movements.

On Saturday, at the end of the camp, we plan a hack out in the forests both for the beginners (walk and trot) and more advanced riders (canter in the fields and forests).

For all participants

  • Lecture “Correct use of riding aids, communication with the horse” (2-3h)
  • Theoretical workshop on ground work and problem-solving in your relationship with the horse
  • Additional exercises for riders (1h)
  • Workshop on basic horse care in the stable and veterinary first aid (1h)
  • Photo shoot

Extra options

  • Individual seat consultation on the lunge (you can buy extra lessons for PLN 50)
  • Active participation in the workshop on ground work, individual work with a horse (cost of active participation: PLN 50)

Apart from horse riding and additional horse-related lessons, we organise bonfires, guitar-accompanied singing, games and activities for the participants and a thematic dance party. Each participant has 1 kitchen and 1 stable duty (wachta): in the excellent company of other camp participants!


Anna Gołąb – camp leader
Anna Wacewicz
Monika Kłosowicz

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Horse riding instructors since 2012. They facilitate trainings on different levels, starting with lunging for beginners up to advanced courses preparing riders for equestrian badge exams (brown and silver). They have organised the camps in Łyna since 2013. They participate on a regular basis in workshops and training sessions with Jerzy Krukowski, Krzysztof Skorupski, Sławomir Pietrzak, Wacław Pruchniewicz, Piotr Piasecki, Farid Autaulenow, Natalia Jasicka-Krugiołka, Elain Butler and others.