Those who know us, know we will shake Łyna!
19.08.2018 – 02.09.2018


19.08.2018 – 02.09.2018

If you want to spend late summer having the time of your life, you simply have to come to Łyna with us!

 All the positive madcaps, beginners and experienced riders, old and young (not too young though – you need to be of age :P) – come and join us this summer.

What do we plan to do?

What Tiggers do best!


– under the guidance of qualified instructors. Daily rides in the arena or in the surrounding woods and fields, lessons for beginners and advanced riders, in small groups, with well-trained and friendly horses (one ride a day of 1.5-2 h). The first week of the camp will also be devoted to a training program preparing riders for the Bronze and Silver Equestrian Badge exam and will end with the exam itself (two 60-minute-long rides a day to perfect your dressage and jumping skills). Badge training is addressed to advanced horsemen (extra fee of PLN 250 is added to the cost of the camp + cost of the exam PLN 150).


– each and every day to the sounds of guitar or music. We will cultivate our equestrian traditions and sing all the songs from our unique songbook!

NOTE: it will be possible to learn to play the guitar this year!!!


– one day in the stables and one day in the kitchen. We will take turns and see the backstage of both the stable life and the kitchen life! Don’t worry – we’ll show and teach you everything you need to know.


– in any way you find convenient, and the options are countless: napping on a blanket in the yard, hammocks, inflatable boats, beach, volleyball, mushroom picking, cycling, board games, running naked in the fields, swimming in the lakes, during the day or at night, watching others ride horses while sitting comfortably in the scoffers box, etc.


Weronika Nadara (camp leader)
Magda Stusińska
Kacper Wołoski
Karolina Kruk
Magda “Opos” Zamojska
Ola Radziszewska

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