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Here is All Shortcode list we have available

All Event List Style:
event-list style=’list’:

All Event List minimal Style:
event-list style=’minimal’ show=10 pagination=’yes’:

All Event list in Native Style
event-list style=’native’ show=’8′ pagination=’yes’:

All Event Grid Style:
event-list column=3:

Show only Event Title with Order:
event-list style=’title’:

All Events With Organizer filter:
event-list org-filter=yes style=grid:

All Events With Pagination:
event-list style=’grid’ pagination=yes show=4:

All Events with category Filter :
event-list cat-filter=yes style=grid:

Event by Category :
event-list cat=44 Here 44 is Category Id, you need to replace as your need

95 to numer kategorii Lato 2023

Event by Organizer:
event-list org=49 Here 49 is organizer ID, you can to replace as your need

Expire-Event by Category ???:
expire-event-list cat=44 Here 44 is Category Id, you need to replace as your need

95 to numer kategorii Lato 2023

Event Expire list:

Show only 2 events:
event-list show=’2′ you can change show=’Any number as your need’

Show events grid with 2 column:
event-list column=2 Here 2 is number of column in grid, you need to replace as need

Show Events by a City:
event-list style=’grid’ city=’Łyna’ column=3 show=8 Here Dhaka is city name, you can change as your need

Show list of City name of upcoming Events:
event-city-list All Upcoming Events City name will display with this Shortcode

Event Filter by country
event-list style=’grid’ country=’India’ column=3 show=8

Event Vertical Timeline:
event-list style=’timeline’ timeline-mode=’vertical’

Event Horizontal Timeline
event-list style=’timeline’ timeline-mode=’horizontal’

Event Carousal Style
event-list style=’grid’ pagination=’carousal’ carousal-dots=’yes’ carousal-nav=’yes’ column=3

EventWise Speaker list:
event-speaker-list event=EventID

Event Cart Section only:
event-add-cart-section event=EventID