Our holiday base in Łyna

Over the past 25 years, the place has developed a truly unique character

The holiday base of the Equestrian Association „Szarża” in Łyna

Łyna – a village located c.a. 13 km north from Nidzica (Masurian Lake District)

It is here that in 1991, when scouting for a new holiday base, we found an abandoned farm at the outskirts of a forest. It was not the perfect place, but … we were already tired of looking. However, with each camp and each year, the place was becoming more and more beautiful, revealing all its assets to us. It turned out that we had bought a cottage situated only 1 km away from the springs of the Łyna River. There is a wonderful backwater from which the river springs out. A mystery watermill rises above the backwater surrounded by a nature reserve with beautiful and wild recesses.

  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    SŁynne ŁyŃskie ognisko
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    Sala wspÓlna
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    Druga czĘŚĆ sali wspÓlnej
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
  • Praca w pocie czoŁa
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    Sala sypialna
  • Kupa roboty
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    Sala kominkowa
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    Ganek przed budynkiem sypialnym
    idealne miejsce na popou0142udniowy relaks na hamaku, z widokiem na stajniu0119 i konie. 🙂
  • Obozy konne Mazury Łyna
    WnĘtrze naszej obozowej łaŹni
  • ZewnĘtrze naszej obozowej ŁaŹni
  • Praca umysłowa
  • Kobiety na traktory!
  • Grill ogólnojeździecki
  • Węzeł sanitarny