Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Rules of enrolment in riding camps

1. Reservation of place on a riding camp is possible only based on an advanced payment of PLN 200.
2. The payment for can be made in two instalments: the first one, equal to PLN 200, is paid upon registration for the camp, the second not later than three weeks before the start of the camp.
3. Places reserved for persons who fail to keep the payment deadlines may be sold out.
4. Any amounts already paid are not subject to reimbursement.
5. Discounts for university students and members of the Association will be applied only based on a valid student ID and Association membership card, as well the list of members entitled to such discounts approved by the Board.

Camp rules

1. Participants of riding camps organised by “Szarża” are covered by casualty insurance.
2. Camp participants are strictly obliged to follow the instructions of the camp staff in all matters related to camp organisation and horse-related activities.
3. Intention to leave the base for a period longer than 12 hours should be reported to the camp staff.
4. Camp participants may give up a riding lesson without the right to make up for the lost lesson later during the camp. The intention to give up a lesson should be reported to the staff not later than at 10 p.m. on the previous day. The possibility to make up for the lost lesson is at the camp leader’s discretion.
5. It is forbidden to smoke and use open fire on the site, especially around the stables. Smoking is only allowed in one dedicated place.
6. Camp participants are obliged to observe the agreed meal times. It is prohibited to use the kitchen and dining room outside the agreed hours, with the exception of eating food left from the previous meal.
7. Camp participants are obliged to keep order and cleanliness around the base, in particular not to litter the site.
8. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may be the basis for punishment in the form of denying a riding lesson or in particularly flagrant cases – dismissing a participant from the camp.

Frequent Questions & Answers

· Only adults (aged 18 or above) are invited to our riding camps.

· ‘Near-adults’ can participate in a riding camp only upon written permission from their legal guardian and subject to the camp leader’s consent.

· “Szarża” riding camps are organised directly by the Association, without any intermediaries.

· The riding camps are organized in our holiday base in Łyna, in the Masurian Lake District.

· We provide one 1,5 – 2-hour riding lesson a day, in the countryside or in the arena. We invite everyone: advanced, intermediate and novice riders.

· Transportation to our camps is not provided. You must arrange it on your own – we will be happy to offer you some tips!

· Accommodation: in a shared, coeducational room, in tents or on hay. Don’t forget your sleeping bag!

· Meals: don’t worry, you will be well taken care of! Every day, we offer three delicious meals, in great company and a beautiful scenery.

· Stable and kitchen duty, or ‘no pain, no gain’: each camp participant has a stable or kitchen duty (wachta) 2 or 3 times during the camp (e.g. twice in the kitchen and once in the stables, or the other way round). The stable duty involves putting straw in the boxes, feeding the horses and other stable jobs. People on kitchen duty prepare breakfast and supper and help out in dinner preparation by the cooks. The shifts are taken in teams.

· Every evening you are invited to a bonfire, which usually lasts from dusk till dawn. The bonfires on Saturdays feature a special treat: roasted meat. Sometimes it is pork, sometimes lamb or chicken.

· There are many crystal-clear lakes in the area. We recommend bicycle trips to the lake, or to the forest to pick mushrooms, blackberries or wild strawberries. Don’t forget to bring your bike!

· At the end of each camp, we organise a TOURNAMENT: we dress up in funny costumes and perform different riding challenges and tricks.

· During the camp, we organise a day-long horse trail and if the weather is favourable, we swim in the lake with our horses.

In case of any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to write or call us, or just come to see us!